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I found out, I'm really a top type but we did it with me on bottom once. I had an instant boner as we shared eye contact and a wink or two. Last Sunday night my wife and I were in a restaurant and I saw him, his wife and kids. Then I go back kneeling beside his head and he took my cock into his mouth. I was the one who chased his cock and his beautiful athletic body.

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Suddenly I slipped and bumped the wall and the couple noticed.

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He laid back down strategically placing his hips on the side of the pump house with his legs over his head and adjusted his ass until the water was, once again, pounding on his ass. It ended up that night with me offering him some feel good time. I got on his bed with him and we jerked each other, sucked each other, until he got on mu back to dry hump me and jerk off on me. There is a trail on the edge of the trees and intercostal providing shore line fishing for those who desire to walk the 2 blocks He's also just as horny and hard too. With each thrust, no matter how much of his cock I took into my mouth, I worked it every way possible with my tongue. He didn't let go and he kissed me.

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This kid is cute but has serious daddy issues Anyway, I get home 5 minutes before my wife arrives, unexpectedly. As I peeked through the hole again, I noticed the girl had her shirt off and the guys shorts were down but he still had his boxers on and I could see a rather large bulge in those boxers. I put my clothes back and as did she and we walked out of out booths at the same time. He didn't let go and he kissed me. He's also just as horny and hard too.

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