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After all, men who enjoy girl-on-girl porn are sometimes seen as a bit sleazy. The outsiders had the power. Its specific focus is on erotic stories inspired by characters created for TV and film that fans have appropriated for their own narrative purposes. I am going to suggest that the protection and freedom of cyberspace is enabling these writers to defy many of the social taboos that have inhibited self exploration and self expression in the past, and that the implications of this phenomenon can inform our understanding of the social, psychological, and literary uses of cyberspace. In cyberspace, where a woman cannot be criticized-or even identified-for her writing, one can see areas of curiosity and concern that could not be seen in arenas where women would have to pass through editorial hierarchies or expose themselves to the expectations of gender roles in public three dimensional life. As Buffy fan Lawrence observed: Men taking the bins out.

To conclude this preliminary investigation into erotica on fan websites, I will end with a favorite fanfiction site of mine entitled "Torero" http:

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According to Ford, of the roughly 2, performers on Just For Fans, more than 1, are cisgender men making content for other men. Because, while 'lesbian porn' has long done a roaring trade among straight men, it seems a growing number of women are turning to man-on-man action to get them going. Thomas is Wales's most-capped player and a former British and Irish Lions captain. Like Buffy herself, the show seemed to come out after those high school seasons, more explicitly dealing with gay characters and ushering in a more overt queer sensibility. In the image, Macho who stands at 5-foot-2 and is of Puerto Rican descent shows the base and first few inches of his penis above the waistband of a pair of dark gray sweatpants. What turns women on, we are told, is men doing the ironing. She compares it to 20th century advances, such as the pill.

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It is as though the lawless frontier of the internet is self-policed, at least in this area of woman-authored erotica, as a way of protecting the freedom that enables women to experiment with sexual possibilities they cannot-or would not wish to experience-in the three dimensional world. These responses reinforce my findings on the Antonio Banderas fansite investigations- that community with other women, both as readers and as "migrated" friends-takes precedence over the projected desire on a hero that initiated activity on the internet in the first place. For instance, as can be seen on the Zorro Returns fansite, there are red letter highlights warning of sexual content in particular scenes. And along with it have come other opportunities and offers, such as flying to Orlando to film for Raging Stallion and releasing merchandise. Does that go for women, too?