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If you have had surgery outside the VA system and need follow-up care or post-operative care, and are eligible for VA benefits, your care will be provided at a VA facility. Michael Grinston as the Army's top enlisted man. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. The petition to lift the VA's ban on gender reassignment surgery was first introduced during the Obama administration in Sisk Military.

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Your health care, whether it is hormone replacement therapy, mental health care services, pre- or post-operative evaluations, prosthetics, or any other transition-related care, would cost you based on your disability classification, and you would see no cost increase due to the nature of the care.

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For other veterans, all health care and prescriptions are covered. Marquise Gabriel Elliott was driving an armored Humvee when it crashed at 3 p. In short, this means that the existing surgery exclusion applies only to actual surgical procedures, and does not bar VA facilities from providing pre- or post-operative evaluations or care.

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The transgender service ban implemented by the Trump Administration on April 12, does not apply to medical care for eligible military retirees or dependents.

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