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Ximena Diaz and Alejandro were married on and they divorced on As for Jimena leaving him believe me it was other women and she finally got fed up and left. But the real reason that he was admitted was because he had a glass bottle stuck to his you know what!! He has also never been assumed to be a gay or a bi-sexual. My friend says that Ale was very personable and nice just caught him off guard! Does it really matter?

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Veloce October 28th, I was recently in mexico city, at a celebrity party and was introduced to many people, one of them a private airline PILOt ,who told us that he has personally seen AlE hugging and kissing a man on the plane.

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Quien se la metio??? Dont speculate get the facts! Alejandro has been married twice and is currently single reportedly. Is it about envy? What a great singer! He has been nicknamed as El Potrillo and specializes on traditional and earthy Mexican folk, ranchera, mariachi as well as pop music genres.

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Veloce October 28th, OK, my wife and I where in Mexico City last month for a party, at the party where many famous people, like Barbara Mori, William Levy ect… We were intorduced to may people among them a private Pilot who has transported Alejandro. Some bored DJ invents a story and then everyone adds their own spins and speculations. Alo February 5th, Pues a mis oidos me llegaron los chismes desde la bella perla de occidente Guadalajara…y me dijeron que intervinieron quirurgicamente al Potrillo, para sacarle unos instrumentos que le quedaron ensartados en sus intestinos……sera cierto?? OnAlejandro had a relationship with Karla Laveaga. Alejandro keep your head-uP! A few days ago, in front of thousands of fans, Lupillo Rivera insinuated that Alejandro Fernandez is gay. The rest is silence….

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