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Real-life situations were trickier. I am a young dude, so, yeah, if I forget to turn my swag off, I wake up knee-deep in honeys. Best of The Cut. A better predictor is to look at photos of gramps and great grandpa, noting their age and hair. Money can't buy the rich man love, but money can buy him hair and sex, which many prefer. That I was hatfishing? Bald men are another victim of the patriarchy.

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We all buy things to make ourselves feel better — though hatfishes would probably be better advised to save that New Era money and invest in a razor instead.

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Think of bald politicians and you'll think of men who lost elections. People think they should only date supermodel types. After my May 28 post " 12 Cold Facts About Being Super-Hot ," some of my good-looking, male, professional friends said, "It is difficult being a hot professional guy too. Regarding x- linked disorders.

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Wearing a helmet will also damage follicles.

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