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So, yes, as you can see, a lot of fraternity boys are the polar opposite of what I have just described myself. At the same time, though, Greene was met with acceptance among members of fraternities at which he never expected to find inclusivity. It is who you are. Learn how Delta Lambda Phi came to beand how it is evolving today. I get the closeness of a brother or sisterhood.

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After he was elected president of Lambda Chi Alpha in Decembersome members in his pledge class — as well as others from the pledge class that followed — were uneasy about a gay man at the helm of their fraternity solely because of his sexuality.

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Submit Search. In high school, he attended dances with girls, taking them solely as friends. If you fit that description, then you will definitely find the right house for you. Two years later, he is a proud past president of Lambda Chi Alpha.

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Delta Lambda Phi.