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We fell down into the grass with him on top of me feeling his racing heart beat upon my back. There was no hesitation and he said "absolutely! Damn i want your fine! I reached for his cock but he pushed my hand away and said, "wait, you'll have it soon enough. I was completely looking forward to seeing him and beginning our weekend together. I had met Clay at work.

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I said, "who'll know?

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I said, "fuck my ass stud, i want to feel you balls deep in my ass lover! I drank in his hairy chest and broad shoulders and licked my lips as I gazed upon his defined abs leading down to his manhood and low-hanging balls. We headed down and Clay said, "Man let's go for a swim when reach the lake! I wanted to put my mouth on his throbbing cock. I moaned loudly with my face buried in his hairy chest. So we threw some last things in our packs and headed up the trail.

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As we got together and rolled out maps of the area to make plans he would brush up against me with very casual contact as we made plans. As he kept playing with my ass I began washing him and caressing his fine body. I washed him thoroughly down his thick ass and onto legs as we stood in the water. He was a good-looking younger man and I noticed he was on the quiet side but strong. He then pulled out of me and rolled me over on my knees as he positioned himself behind me.

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